GS15-4 Ginseng Extract

WorkWellness Ingredients - GS15-4 Ginseng

The unique active compounds found only in Panax ginseng are plant saponins called ginsenosides. 

Among true Panax ginseng extracts, the quality and efficacy may vary a great deal due to harvest time and processing methods. And then there's the issue of bioavailability. Orally consumed ginsenosides are very hard to break down with gastric juices or liver enzymes alone. However, when the ginsenosides reach the intestinal tract, they are fermented in the colon into metabolites that are more bioavailable. But how well this process works varies among individuals because it's dependent on their gut microflora.

Not all gingseng is the same, the GS15-4™ advantage

GS15-4is produced through a fermentation process that transforms the ginsenosides into these end-stage metabolites, mimicking the fermentation environment of the colon. This transformation has been clinically proven to provide:

  • 15 times increased absorption
  • 4 times faster absorption
  • 4 times more consistent absorption

Improved absorption means faster adaptogenic support for stress and fatigue. 


  • Helps the body manage stress
  • Supports the body’s ability to resist fatigue
  • Promotes healthy aging and overall wellness
  • Immune support
  • Optimal energy
  • Helps support adrenal function
  • Helps support blood glucose regulation



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