Opening & Loading The Box


Option 1: Load 2 boxes in the cooler.

1. Remove the BIG tab. 

2. Lay box on it's back. 

3. Pull out spout. 

4. Take tray out of dispenser, slide it along the bottom of the box.

5. Insert 2nd spout ring (the ring closest to the bag) into the tray receptacle. 

6. Set box and tray back in the dispenser fridge. 

7. Slowly close dispenser door, guiding the spout through the door hole.

8. Enjoy your chilled WorkWellness! 


Option 2:  Use the box and pour spout.

1. Open the SMALL tab.

2. Pull out spout.

3. Push tab back in place.

4. Shake well.

5. Gently push red button to pour.